Practice areas

A single specialist for each area of ​​law

Each member of the network is an expert in their own field of activity. The result is the creation of 22 business areas divided into 10 sectors.

Company Law

This area deals with studying all aspects of corporate and commercial law, of both an ordinary and extraordinary nature.
The research of the optimization criteria of due diligence operations, constitution, merger and acquisition of companies or company branches. Together with studies on contracts and commercial negotiations, as well as on problems relating to Startups.
This field analyzes the corporate issues that might arise during shareholders’ meetings or directors’ board meetings, as well as during the ordinary management and related judicial litigation, to identify the most effective tools both from a preventive point of view and to manage them once they have arisen.

Intellectual Property and Competition

Trademarks, Patents and Design: 

This area develops research activities on the protection and strategic management of brands, design and know-how (including formats). In particular, it examines the issues of the valuation and economic valuation of intangible assets; studying licensing, endorsement, sponsorship agreements both in the field of industrial property and copyright., unfair competition and know-how. 


This area deals with analyzing models of non-competition agreements and confidentiality agreements, as well as developing new ones.
It studies recent cases of unfair competition and related protection tools, up to actively questioning the qualification and quantification of the consequential damages from this particular type of offense. 

Information Technology, Media e Privacy

Computer technology: 

This includes the analysis of the possibilities and types of software storage and registration. The research on objection or reassignment procedures of web domains (gTLD and ccTLD), licensing agreements, software development and conditions relating to e-commerce platforms. In addition, this area expands the practical study of cases of unfair commercial practices. 

Communication and advertising: 

This area analyses complex cases of misleading and comparative advertising; in particular the conditions of accuracy, truth and legality. It also carries out research on special rules on the use of citations, technical and scientific evidence and statistical data in advertising, as well as in the evaluation of the tools for protecting the advertising idea and formats in the light of ordinary jurisprudence and the judgments of the Jury of Advertising Self-Regulation and the Guarantor. 

Corporate Privacy: 

This area studies privacy contracts and developing customized data protection systems, – as well as organizing – even on direct request – training courses on data protection. It also carries out analyses of the legal obligations regarding privacy in relation to the characteristics of various sectors: from banking and finance to telecommunications. 

Food and Wine

This area studies case law in the field of food fraud and wine piracy. It analyzes models of supply, distribution, franchising, sales and freight transport contracts in the light of the specific laws on the matter. The research activity focuses instead on the certification procedures of BIO, PDO, PGI products and on the legal instruments for the protection of designations of origin and the registration of collective marks. 

Banking and Financial Law

Advice on the form and content of banking and financial contracts, leasing contracts, mortgage loans, sureties and insurance contracts linked to banking contracts. 

Anatocism and capitalization of interests (CICR 2000 resolution). 

Wear and exceeding the threshold rate. 

Consumers, transparency and customer communications. 

Credit assessment before the judicial phase. 


Credit recovery through injunctive and summary proceedings for the issuance of a judicial enforcement order. 

Urgent measures and revocation actions. 

Registration of judicial mortgage, security enforcement procedures, with third parties and real estate, transcription of foreclosures, collection of cadastral documentation. 

Banking and financial litigation, active and passive, judicial and arbitration. 

Administrative Law

The Administrative Law area deals with the study and development of issues relating to companies, public administrations, public enterprises and joint ventures between public and private entities in the performance of activities governed by administrative law. 

The members in this area of ​​activity have gained particular expertise in state contracts. The interaction between the areas of public administration law and the other sectors of the legal system has led the professionals in Administrative Law to develop an emphasized aptitude for teamwork and the ability to form relationships with colleagues from other departments , such as real estate law and company law, giving rise to a range of skills and integrated solutions, on the various profiles of publicly regulated activities. 

Tax and Employment Law

This area deals with all issues of tax law. 

The professionals in the field have consolidated experience in both domestic and international tax planning and in the management of relations with the tax authorities, at every stage of the proceedings (requests for rulings on domestic and international issues, tax checks, assessments with adhesion and disputes) and are involved in studying and investigating relevant tax issues, including inheritance and generational change issues. 

In addition, the area of ​​activity also deals with the development of employment law issues (private and public, employed and self-employed), industrial relations, occupational safety and liability of entities, as well as occupational health law and local authorities. The practitioners in this area have gained  consolidated experience, including litigation and specific expertise in the assignment and revocation of managerial and administrative positions, in assisting in company reorganizations and staff reductions with the management of redundancy payments, in the development of remuneration and incentives, in the drafting of regulations and collective and company agreements. 

Bankruptcy and Business Insolvency

This area deals with the study of the various phases of insolvency procedures and the settlement of insolvency requirements of companies and entities, together with the analysis of the emergent practices and tools in terms of restructuring strategies and solutions with particular regard to consolidating procedures, agreements and debt restructuring strategy. 

Real Estate Law

The area of Real Estate law deals with the study and analysis of the various cases of development and renovation projects, sales and purchases of real estate portfolios, establishment and management of real estate funds, etc.  and in every market segment – logistics, residential, office and commercial, hotels, etc. 

The area of ​​activity of Real Estate Law deals with structuring solutions to better address every single aspect of the real estate transaction: from urban and environmental analysis to the completion of the project and it’s financing. This area of ​​activity aims to integrate the multidisciplinary skills of professionals in the area of ​​corporate finance and banking, administrative law, tax law and litigation to better deal with complex real estate transactions 

Corporate Finance

This area develops research activities in the fields of financial analysis, lender risk assessment, financial planning and programming, application of project financing techniques and tools, business and financial restructuring, company valuation, property valuation and enhancement. The research topics include: – financial analysis and risk assessment;  company evaluation methodologies; – financial planning; – the role and techniques of finance in corporate restructuring processes; – project financing; – the evaluation and enhancement of intellectual property.